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About Allsorts

Allsorts was started in 2003…as a web based business (www.allsorts-online.com) … offering inexpensive, cost-effective or cheap promotional products.  If you search Google for “cheap promotional products”…Allsorts is number 1 in the world! (and we didn’t pay to be there) We work with individuals…small family owned companies…Fortune 500 companies… colleges and universities…all looking for a good price, excellent customer service and ON-TIME delivery!

Over the last few years…Allsorts increasing has received more and more inquiries from colleges and universities throughout the United States. Most times…the college was searching the internet for the very best price possible on a particular promotional item. Since that is what Allsorts has to offer…the best prices…a relationship was formed!

Allsorts recently decided that a website for our college customers was appropriate…so we created tryallsorts.com. As a promotional products distributor, Allsorts has access to over 600,000 promotional products….including apparel, drink ware, corporate gifts, magnets, flash drives and a whole lot more! Allsorts knows where to go for the best prices…the best quality…and the quickest turn-around in production time to meet your in-hands date. Whether you know what you need….or need some help…Allsorts customer service will help you find the product that’s right for you!

Give us a try…colleges all over the United States have!

Going Green? In addition to Allsorts…we have EnviroPromo …a website specializing in environmentally friendly promotional products.

You’ll see placed here and there. So what does it mean? Quite simply, if you don’t tell the people who need to know… where you are, when the event is, how to contact you,, or what it’s all about…how will they know! Promotional products will let them know…sometimes in very creative ways!

Make the correct choice…give Allsorts a try!

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