Go Green

For a wide selection of earth friendly promotional products
at low low prices
- Enviropromo.

What Works?

Allsorts would like to be your consultant…let us tell you why that is a good thing for you.

You may say that you’re interested in a certain product…Alllsorts may provide you with an alternative in addition to what you asked for.  Allsorts has a great deal of experience…which will  help in finding what works best for you.  It may be price…it may be production time…it may be quality…there are many variables…but Allsorts will be “up-front” with you.  We will NEVER just tell you what you want to hear just to make the sale.

We also receive feedback from colleges all over the United States….on the promotional items they have used…and how it went!  So What Doesn’t Work can be just as important as What Does Work!

We plan on adding to our site images of promotional products that Allsorts has done for colleges…you may gain some insights from what others have done!